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Conference Day 1

  • October 3rd 2023
October 3rd 2023
9:00 AM

Chair’s Opening Remarks & Setting the Scene 

Neil Dhawan, CEO, CSO and Co-Founder, Totus Medicines

9:10 AM

Keynote Panel with Open Q&A – Protein Degradation: What’s Next? 

PROTACs-induced targeted protein degradation opened a new chapter for drug development against hard-to-drug targets and has attracted a lot of industry attention. But what are the next steps in the future for degradation methodologies?

  • How should undruggable be defined and how have the successes of different methods of protein degradation helped to erode the notion of undruggability?
  • What does the next generation of protein degradation methodologies look like?
  • How have previous challenges been overcome and what can be done to solve recurring problems?
  • What are the most promising alternative approaches to drugging the undruggable?
  • Using protein degradation as an initial methodology platform to grow from, how do we approach drugging the undruggable in the future?

Greg Verdine, Co-Founder, President and CEO, LifeMine Therapeutics

Ryan Potts, VP Head of Induced Proximity Platform, Amgen

Danette Daniels, VP Protein Degrader Platform, Foghorn Therapeutics 

Stephen Fawell, VP Head of Oncology Discovery, AstraZeneca
Moderator: Kat Kayser-Bricker, Chief Scientific Officer, Halda Therapeutics 
10:10 AM

Morning Refreshments and Networking

11:10 AM

Presentation – Expanding the Druggable Spectrum using Molecular Glues

  • Discover Nested Therapeutics’ first drug development candidate NST-628 and how this novel non-degrading molecular glue targets multiple nodes in the RAS/MAPK pathway
  • Deep-dive into the NEST-1 program and explore the approaches being used to target hard-to-drug cancer targets in cancer
  • Discuss how Nested Therapeutics’ novel approach has the future potential to unlock undruggable targets 

Klaus Hoeflich, Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder, Nested Therapeutics

11:40 AM

Fireside Chat – The Road to Successful Partnership: A Conversation with Anima Biotech and AbbVie

  • What specific areas of expertise do Anima Biotech and AbbVie bring to this partnership, and how do you plan to collaborate to leverage each other’s strengths in discovering and developing new drugs?
  • Anima Biotech’s innovative technology platform has the potential to target challenging diseases that have been difficult to address in the past. How do you see this technology platform driving the discovery of first-in-class therapeutics in this partnership?
  • Can you share more about the business development process that led to the establishment of this partnership, including the timeline and factors that drove both companies to pursue this collaboration?
  • Looking ahead, what are the opportunities for expanding this collaboration, and what are the long-term goals that you hope to achieve through this partnership? How do you plan to build on your collective strengths to advance drug discovery and improve patient outcomes?

Dr. Moty Klepfish , Head of Therapeutic Areas, Anima Biotech

Jenny Wang,  Director, Search and Evaluation Oncology, AbbVie

12:25 PM


2:00 PM

Presentation – Next Generation Precision Oncology: Regulated Induced Proximity Targeting Chimeras (RIPTAC™ Therapeutics)

  • Discover how this novel heterobifunctional therapeutic modality is going beyond current oncology approaches and can be used to open up new opportunities to target cancer
  • Learn how the ‘Hold and Kill’ mechanism and creation of a trimeric drug species leads to selective cancer cell death
  • Explore the advantages of this new cancer fighting mechanism compared with other therapeutic modalities, including overcoming current mechanisms of resistance  

Kat Kayser-Bricker, Chief Scientific Officer, Halda Therapeutics 

2:30 PM

Presentation – Leveraging AI & CRYO-EM for Discovery of Molecular Glues

  •  Harnessing artificial intelligence and cryo-EM to discover novel druggable protein interfaces
  • Discovery and design of potent interfacial glues that modulate protein-protein interactions
  • Rapid hit-to-lead optimization for accelerated paths to address unmet patient needs

Dr. Sriram Subramaniam, Founder and CEO, Gandeeva Therapeutics

3:00 PM

Afternoon Refreshments and Networking

4:15 PM

Panel Discussion with Open Q&A – 2023: The Year of Partnership and Investment Resurgence

Following on from one of the toughest years in recent memory, industry partnerships are starting to see a resurgence. However, as pharma, biotech and investor relations become increasingly sophisticated and diverse, it is important to assess the requirements to initiate and maintain these valuable collaborations.

  • What does the current landscape look like for industry and investor partnerships? 
  • What defines a successful industry or investment partnership and how should these be approached and navigated?
  • How can innovations be showcased and what other evidence is analysed when determining the likelihood of partnership and investment?
  • When is the optimum time to enter partnerships and what examples can be learnt from?
  • What will be the importance of future partnerships in targeting the next generation of undruggable targets?

Niels Emmerich, VP Global Head Search and Evaluation, AbbVie 

Becky Pferdehirt, Investment Partner, Andreessen Horowitz 

Adam Muzikant, Chief Business Officer, Avilar Therapeutics

Christopher O’Donnell, VP Partnering Innovations and Partner, Pfizer Ventures

Moderator: Neil Dhawan, CEO, CSO and Co-Founder, Totus Medicines

5:15 PM

Chair’s Closing Remarks 

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